Tableau Data Analyst Certification exam Path.


Dear readers,
I am going to share my exam prep path and how I aced my exam. I prepared for almost 3-4 months for this exam and aced it on my first attempt on Jan 26, 2023.  I will explain the materials I used for learning and practicing. To take this exam you need to have good knowledge of understanding tableau desktop and hands-on must as it contains 10 tableau lab questions starting from easy to intermediate level.

Why the Tableau Data Analyst exam, not the others?

If you are into Visualization and want to get certified from Tableau as a data analyst, then this certification is good to have, and your name will be available on the Credly website as Tableau Certified Data Analyst.  This exam contains both MCQ and hands-on LAB exercises as well.

Exam Prep

Beginner Knowledge: Use the tableau website to know more about the product.

Learning Udemy course:

 I completed the below detailed course Tableau Data Analyst & Specialist Certifications /w Datasets. You can skip the part which you already know. This course covered all the topics in depth.

Instead of buying the individual course, subscribe for a month once you complete you can cancel it later. You can complete this in 2-3 weeks if you have basic knowledge of tableau or else it will take time. The practice test at the end of this course helps you how much you prepared

Tableau Docs:

If you still need to know more, you can go through the tableau help documents which contain all the detailed links here

Once you have knowledge of all menus in tableau, you can start taking mock tests.

 Mock test links:

  • Desktop specialist mock test: link.
  • Another URL you can take 2 mock tests free here. click here
  • A small set of another mock test here
  • If you still feel you want to practice more, I used the below URL which has a monthly subscription for unlimited attempts. click here1.

I took 45 days to complete the above learning path, Although I started to use tableau about 8 months ago.

Exam Experience:

I got a coupon code for attending the tableau certification seminar. It will be held monthly I think, and you can get a discount of 50 USD. I took the exam in a center because I tried once from my office, and it seems the video is blocked even though all my hardware tests are passed. So, I advise if you are a working professional, try to take it from home or from the authorized exam centre.

Total 45 MCQ questions and 10 lab questions into 3 sections.Once you started the section, you cannot switch between sections.

The MCQ will be completely different from the mock test, and it will be based on basic analytics and tableau product knowledge.

Questions will test how we can achieve one output; they will give the menu name and how many answers you need to select. Ex: Select the 3 options from the below …

You need to have knowledge of all the top menus in tableau desktop and where it is used.

 Some of the questions will be basic analytics as well.

 10 lab questions will be easy if you have completed the Udemy course. Even if you did not you can answer most of the questions as these are easy to intermediate-level questions.

 This is how I aced my exam; it may give you a rough understanding before you start the exam prep. All the best for your learning and certification.


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