JSON Data with Key in Power BI

What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is just an URL or link through which we can access the data. 

The data connectivity through API has a set of protocols that we see detail in this article. 

It is very useful when the user doesn’t want to expose the database credentials. Though API is not recommended for large volumes in PowerBI.

Import JSON data through API.

     In Power BI get data options the user can find the web as a data source  and in the URL field can be used for the API link given to access the data.

This API contains only one table so that only one list with navigation options available. It is possible to get multiple tables from the same API in JSON format.

When the list is loaded, the user can convert it into a table by right click the list column. For JSON data there is no delimiter needed. If the format is different then respective separator needs to be given

After the list is converted into a table, the user can expand each record into an actual column by using the right corner symbol. Also, the user has the privileges to select the column that needs to be loaded.


Once it is complete, data will be available for PowerBI developers to work. Refresh works similar to all other data sources. 

Import JSON data through API with the key.

Here, we are going to see how to import JSON data from an API with the key to PowerBI.

For this, you need the key as well as the header information. X-Api-Key is the header for the key and ContentType is the key for the application/json format

You can give all the header details in the web page URL by using advanced mode.

In Http request header parameters, the user can give the key with respective header and also add additional parameter by using add header option.

Once the key and other parameters are validated, then the user will get the below screen and all the sequent steps are similar to normal API.

Fetch multiple pages from API in PowerBI

To fetch multiple pages from API, the user can find the best solution in the links available here.  link1 . link2 .

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